Upper Arm Bracelet: Elegance and Originality

Going back to the ancient times, upper arm bracelets become more and more popular year after year. Initially, arm bracelets were worn by men only but slowly over time turned into a stylish female accessory. The heroic literature of Bronze Age describes the upper arm bracelet more often than the usual ring. The Greeks, Indonesians, Romans and other cultures wore upper arm bracelets for different reasons.


The Most Stylish Earrings of Current Days

There are many simple styles of earrings. The usual studs, hoops or drop earrings are the most popular. This allowed jewellery makers to create beautiful earrings.

However, the real firework happened over the last few years. Unusual and original earrings began to run the show with many different styles and varieties.

Earrings are constantly changing…As time progresses, they are turning into more and more elegant pieces of jewellery. Take a read below to see the different types of trendy earrings which you can now get from different jewellers.


Jewellery Symbols and Their Meaning

Most symbols that are used on jewellery are from the olden times. These symbols are well recognised, and all have different meanings e.g. love, strength and courage etc. Keep reading to find out the true meaning behind jewellery symbols…


Why Does Gold Become Black?

Different alloys are added to pure gold to make the precious metal stronger and more flexible for when it comes to the production of gold jewels. Sometimes your adored gold piece begins to turn black. You cannot stop this process. There are several main reasons that cause the colour of this precious metal to discolour. Here are major ones…



Brooch-bouquets are a new wedding accessory which became an alternative to the traditional flower bouquet. It was created by the talented florist Amanda Heer from America. These vintage jewellery bouquets have turned into an incredibly popular accessory all over the world. Even lovers of traditional wedding bouquets won’t take a pass on decorating their bouquet with diamonds and pearls.


Unusual Facts and Fantastic Stories about Jewels

We are sure you have heard many mysterious stories about jewellery pieces. Nevertheless, you still like to wear them. Continue reading to find out interesting facts about precious stones, metals and jewels. These facts are not frightening, but educational and amusing. (more…)