Upper Arm Bracelet: Elegance and Originality

Going back to the ancient times, upper arm bracelets become more and more popular year after year. Initially, arm bracelets were worn by men only but slowly over time turned into a stylish female accessory. The heroic literature of Bronze Age describes the upper arm bracelet more often than the usual ring. The Greeks, Indonesians, Romans and other cultures wore upper arm bracelets for different reasons.

Currently, the upper arm bracelet is worn by both men and women in some countries of the world (e.g. Indonesia). These bracelets are used to decorate outfits during wedding ceremonies and traditional dances in Bali, Sudan and Sri-Lanka. Usually, these jewels are produced from metals – gold, silver or copper.

The European fashion designers saw the true elegance and beauty of upper arm bracelets. Modern designers offer an enormous number of bracelet variations. During the cold months, upper arm bracelets are not appropriate. Whereas during the summer months when your body is more exposed, arm bracelets are great for dressing up an outfit.

Ways to wear the upper arm bracelet

This type of bracelet may be worn together with a cocktail or evening dresses with or without sleeves, summer pinafores or as a wedding accessory. The jewel should match the outfit style.

  • Wedding dresses look great combined with these elegant bracelets as they are made up of precious stones and pearls, perfect for a special occasion. Upper arm bracelets can be shaped to form a spiral with pendants, flower ornaments and laced patterns.

  • For other special events, the upper arm bracelet should complete the created look. Matching the outfit colour, texture and design. It’s better to choose the bracelets from gold and silver encrusted with gemstones and Swarovski crystals for these occasions.

  • The bracelets made from leather, plastics, wood and beads would be perfect for everyday wear. Hindu upper arm bracelets are usually decorated with pearls and coloured glass.

The right way to choose the bracelet

Upper arm bracelets should have a rigid structure to prevent the bracelet from sliding down. The bracelet is made to fit the exact size of the upper arm. If the bracelet is too big, it will fall down and if it is too tight, it will crush the arm and make it look unappealing as well as causing discomfort.

Written by Julia Lopatiuk for Jewago