The Most Stylish Earrings of Current Days

There are many simple styles of earrings. The usual studs, hoops or drop earrings are the most popular. This allowed jewellery makers to create beautiful earrings.

However, the real firework happened over the last few years. Unusual and original earrings began to run the show with many different styles and varieties.

Earrings are constantly changing…As time progresses, they are turning into more and more elegant pieces of jewellery. Take a read below to see the different types of trendy earrings which you can now get from different jewellers.

  • Cuff Earrings

Cuff earrings may be described as the modern alternative of clip earrings. This is due to the fact that they are worn in the same way without having your ear pierced. Cuff earrings are usually worn to make a look more dramatic (for example, the wing earring). However, you can get smaller cuffs in the shape of a ring which are also very popular.

  • Ear climbers or crawlers

Ear climbers/crawlers got their name due to how they look. These earrings have such name due their form. They look like they are ‘crawling’ up your ear. They are only attached to the ear by a stud in the ear lobe. There is a long clamping D-loop on the reverse side of the earring that helps to fix the upper part of the jewel.

  • Front to back earrings

Another amazing type of current earrings is the ‘front to back’ jewel. This name comes from the earrings construction where the front jewel is attached to the back one. The gemstone or decorative detail of the back of the earring is always larger than the earring at the front. This means that the back of the earring adds more detail to an outfit and can be easily observed by anyone.

  • Jacket earrings

Similarly to the front to back earrings, the jacket earrings also have an elegant design at the back of the jewel. The jacket earrings are named after the clothing piece. A jacket can be thrown upon the shoulders to create an image. However, the person wearing the jacket can take it away any time she likes only showing her outfit underneath. These earrings can be transformed in the same way. They have the removable pendant that may be taken off the stud just leaving the stud in the ear. Classical jacket earrings usually have a ring or drop at the back.

  • Mismatched or mono earrings

The last interesting and unique design of earring is the mismatched or mono earring. In this case, the saying ‘pair of earrings’ does not mean that both earrings look identical. Modern designers create mismatched earrings which can be distinctive with their size, form or colour. The extreme unpairing is represented by on earring called the ‘mono earring’. These types of jewels will most definitely make you stand out in the crowd!

Written by Julia Lopatiuk for Jewago