Jewellery Symbols and Their Meaning

Most symbols that are used on jewellery are from the olden times. These symbols are well recognised, and all have different meanings e.g. love, strength and courage etc. Keep reading to find out the true meaning behind jewellery symbols…


The whale symbol has lots of misinterpretations due to myths and popular beliefs. A whale was associated as being a ‘Sea God’ that bought danger to sailors as their mouths reminded people of the gates to hell. As time went on, people got more and more knowledgeable about this magnificent animal, changing its symbolic meaning. The whale now represents brilliance, calmness and wisdom.


Keys were always associated with possession. Those that had a key were considered to be a legal master or lord of property. The key symbol is widely recognised as achieving a goal or getting something that you desire. Those of the Christian religion consider the key as a symbol of faith and reliability.


It is hard to find a symbol that can be positive and significant for everyone. The book is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. People from various cultures and religions see the book as an important symbol.


The cat symbol has a contradictory meaning. The ancient Egyptians regarded cats as the holy animal. They were worshipped and their mummies were put into the burial chambers. Beata goddess was represented in the form of a cat to symbolise love and beauty. The Cadman’s greatly respected the symbol and considered them as a symbol of infinity. As well as this, the Chinese honour the cat as a symbol of longevity because its hieroglyphic coincides with the hieroglyphic of the number 80. Indians considered the cat as a symbol of inventive power and cunning. Englishmen – the symbol of success. Cats are also known for protecting against evil spirits and non-natural entities. Cat symbols are also a sign of independence and love of freedom.

Written by Julia Lopatiuk for Jewago