Brooch-bouquets are a new wedding accessory which became an alternative to the traditional flower bouquet. It was created by the talented florist Amanda Heer from America. These vintage jewellery bouquets have turned into an incredibly popular accessory all over the world. Even lovers of traditional wedding bouquets won’t take a pass on decorating their bouquet with diamonds and pearls.

Advantages of a bouquet-brooch

  • This wedding accessory looks like a real jewellery masterpiece that will really stand out on your wedding day.
  • The wedding brooch-bouquet will look luxurious in every kind of weather. It will be perfect during the whole event both in warm and colder months.
  • The bouquet may include several generations by using jewellery passed down from family members.
  • The brooch-bouquet is not thrown away after your wedding but kept as an exclusive jewel. It will remain with you for many years to come reminding you about the happy and special moment in your life.
  • A bouquet brooch may become your family heirloom that can be passed down through the generations for future weddings.

Some useful tips

  • The wedding brooch-bouquet is not thrown to guests like it traditionally would be. Firstly, it is dangerous for those who want to catch the bouquet. Secondly, the bride will not want to give up on such a luxury bouquet. We suggest buying a cheap and light bouquet made from natural flowers and ribbons for traditional throwing.
  • Brooch bouquets can be heavy, and it may be difficult to hold it for several hours. Therefore, think about the design of the bouquet beforehand and decide whether it will be covered with jewels or just have a couple for decoration.
  • Brooch-bouquets are not cheap. The price of standard bouquets is expensive enough; it may reach several hundred pounds. At the same time, everything depends on what material is used and what the bride desires. The brooch-bouquets may be created from both fashionable jewellery and real precious stones. Wedding bouquets made from natural flowers may be completed with pearl strands or gemstones.

Written by Julia Lopatiuk for Jewago