Unusual Facts and Fantastic Stories about Jewels

We are sure you have heard many mysterious stories about jewellery pieces. Nevertheless, you still like to wear them. Continue reading to find out interesting facts about precious stones, metals and jewels. These facts are not frightening, but educational and amusing.Broadening of outlook

  • The name ‘jewellery’ is derived from the word ‘jew’ that is translated as ‘Hebrew’. This history goes back to the remote past. In former times, the representatives of such ancient and wise people were considered to be the most recognised masters of the jewellery art.
  • The Israeli Diamond Exchange in Tel Aviv supplies the best diamonds for jewellery shops whilst getting fabulous deals. Most people may go there and order an engagement or wedding ring.
  • To sort jewels into a jewellery box, hold them in your hands and take a good look at them…. this can raise your mood and form positive thoughts. Gold, silver and gemstones generously share their energy with people.
  • The people of China invented a new original way to mine gold. The adventurous people of the Celestial Empire recover the precious metal from waste electronic equipment. There are tiny particles of gold there. This method of gold recovery is much more beneficial that traditional way to process the gold-bearing ore.

Gems in brief

  • Money is invested in diamonds to save them, but not to make more money. The value of usual diamonds is consistent. Only rare exemplars are appropriate for investments.
  • Diamonds were discovered 3 billion years ago. Less than half of mined gems are used in the jewellery industry. During the process of cutting a diamond, 30-70% of the diamond is lost.
  • The blue amber that shines at dark is not an optical illusion or fake. These gemstones are mined in Mexico, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic.
  • In the past, the opal was a funeral stone. It was worn by widows who bewailed their husbands but still wanted to look attractive.
  • In XIX century, the stones were divided into those for girls and women. Young ladies wore the turquoise, freshwater pearls, corals and other uncut stones. Married women took the emeralds, diamonds and sapphires.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog and found out something new!

Written by Julia Lopatiuk