A Jewellery Piece as a Business Gift

It is lovely to receive gifts, not only from close family and friends, but also from business partners, co-workers, bosses and subordinates. The culture of presenting business gifts in a business environment has become more and more popular in recent decades. There is a whole art to correctly choosing business gifts and presenting them. There are many reasons to do so and some of them are as follows:

  • Cement a valuable deal with an important partner, thus providing the basis for long-lasting cooperation;
  • Congratulate the boss, together or individually. This may be both for a personal achievement or professional date (e.g. 20th anniversary of company foundation);
  • Motivate co-workers with corporate gifts (due to the successful completion of a project or for meritorious service);
  • Celebrate national holidays together;
  • Give a gift to colleagues for their birthday or simply for teamwork’s sake.

Undoubtedly, this is not a complete list of possible reasons to present a business gift. In reality, there are many more reasons.

Every gift improves the status of the person who gives it. It also strengthens relationships in the group and within the corporate hierarchy, increases the motivation and aspiration of workers, as well as cause a feeling of pride and affiliation with the business.

However, it is very important to choose the proper gift. It is supposed to be sensitive, bring joy and prove to be useful. Not as easy as it seems. Unless you just give jewellery made from precious metals. Nobody has declined such a present yet!

What to present to your boss?

Surely, you will know the habits, character and interests of your director. However, it is always possible to be mistaken. Even if your boss is a dedicated fishing enthusiast and hunter, you cannot be 100% sure that they don’t possess every fishing rod and rifle.

This means that your gift has to be a symbolic, but unique one. For example, you may choose watches made from precious metals, encrusted cuff links, tie clips or medals.

A piece of jewellery is always highly regarded. Even the richest man in the world will be glad to receive such a gift. At the same time, such a piece should have a special meaning. Make more personal by engraving something meaningful on the reverse side.

If your boss is a lady, you might choose a necklace with a pendant that features a specific shape. For example, if she is the director of a travel agency, consider giving her a pendant in the form of a compass or company symbol. However, do not select a too complex design.

What to present to business partners?

There are different traditions for presenting business gifts in different countries. If your partner is from another country, it is necessary to ask how gifts are presented in their own country to not run the risk of being offensive. Generally, avoid presenting widely distributed souvenir gifts such as T-shirts or caps with logos to prevent insulting your business partner.

Choose something exclusive and moderately priced. It would be better if it related to the deal. You may consider gold bars with engravings, badges with the brand logo decorated with gemstones, a statuette made from precious metals or a trinket.

At the same time, the gift shouldn’t be too expensive in order to not cause the partner to feel overwhelmed and obliged to give you something equally pricey back. It would be better still, to send the gift after negotiations and a friendly handshake when hoping for long-lasting cooperation.

Written by Julia Lopatiuk for Jewago