How to Match Your Jewellery with Your Hair

Practically every woman adores jewellery. However, she needs to know how to properly select them to ensure a stunning look. If you want to become an expert in this issue, let’s examine it more thoroughly!


Blondes are really lucky! Pretty much everything is perfect for them. They can choose from different types of gold (yellow, white, rose) and silver. If your hair colour is more natural and warm, give precedence to “warm” jewels too. When it comes to variations in gem colours, you will have an incredible amount of freedom. Generally, you will be able to make your choice from dark red rubies, garnets or green emeralds to lighter rose amethysts, quartz, moonstone or any of the agates.

If your hair colour is cooler and light, go for the deep, warm and pastel tints when choosing a gemstone. Moreover, you will look great with some added pearls.
However, if you are blonde with an pale skin colour and cool hair tint you could play around with silver jewellery encrusted with some cool but rather expressive colours such as light and dark blue, rose, white, dark red or black.


Your bright foxy red hair in itself will surely attract quite some attention. Therefore, we recommend cooling down those fiery locks with some silver or white gold. As a result, you will have a less provocative look. Besides, jewels add some charm that will emphasizing your bright appearance.

If your red hair is very warm, you may complete your look with gold. Moreover, if you have brown or green eyes, your gold jewellery may be perfectly complimented with a “hot” red ruby, green amazonite or emerald.

Light Brunettes

The light and blondish brunettes that have a warm and natural tint to their hair look perfect with “warm” jewels. Gold will be a partner that never betrays you. Additionally, complete your gold jewellery with gems such as rubies, garnets, emeralds, rhodolites (with colour variations ranging from rose to violet) and topazes.

The same recommendations are appropriate for brown-haired women who have darker tints of hair—brown, chocolate and chestnut. Moreover, if your eyes are of the grey, greyish-green, greyish-blue or light blue variety you will look charming in jewels made from silver and white gold decorated with gemstones of both warm and cool tints.

If your hair colour is slightly ashy, don’t go too far with the cool tints. Just complete your look with expressive and deep accents both in jewellery and outfit selection.

Dark Brunettes

Those with black or dark chocolate hair have a great base to experiment with jewellery pieces. At the same time, your skin and eye colour will help you make the right choice. If your skin is light and porcelain, and your eyes are of a grey, greyish-blue or bright blue colour, you need to choose your jewels from cool metals that are decorated with the same “cool” stones.
Generally, you may wear silver jewellery finished with stunning blue topazes or noble blue sapphires, light-blue aquamarines, violet amethysts, pure rock crystal or numerous diamonds. If you are lucky to have dark-coloured skin and warm eyes, your look may be completed with gold jewellery encrusted with deep-red rubies, warm brown or orange amber, green nephrite, malachite or emeralds.

Written by Julia Lopatiuk for Jewago