What Do Rings on Different Fingers Symbolize?

The ring is a universal jewel and everybody gives their own meaning to it. Some people wear rings to demonstrate their status, others as a talisman or simply as a piece that completes a look. In fact, there are no strict rules. Only engagement rings are the exception.

On the other hand, wearing rings on certain fingers can be related to personal energy. Due to the analysis of ring placement on the hand it is possible to identify characteristics of the jewellery wearer. Let’s study a ring’s symbolism for every finger individually.


The thumb is ruled by Mars, which, in turn, embodies insistence, persistence in pursuing one’s goals, vitality and leadership. People who prefer wearing rings on the thumb are self-sufficient and have confident personalities. Since ancient times, archers wore rings on the first finger to ensure success. Those rings were produced from leather and symbolized manhood, strength of mind and skill with weapons. Experts recommend wearing rings on the thumb to develop will and mental strength. Further, rings on the thumb must be of a minimalistic style.

Index Finger

In ancient times, high powered and prominent people wore rings on their index finger. It was a symbol of imperious temper. Psychologists recommend wearing rings on the index finger for people who are indecisive and insecure. This will help develop self-esteem and confidence.

Middle Finger

Anatomically, the middle finger is located in the middle of the hand, thus symbolizing balance. So, to add harmony to one’s life it is recommended to wear a ring on the middle finger. If you meet a woman with a massive jewel on this finger, this will mean that she has a serious, self-confident and unique personality.

Ring Finger

Even ancient Egyptians considered that the so-called “love artery” ran from the ring finger directly to the heart. If you see people who wear a ring on the ring finger (except for an engagement ring), it may be said that he or she is an extraordinary and creative person. This ring, for sure, is worn by women who adore art and luxury. In addition, the ring size tells us a lot of things:

  • Small rings—you have a harmonic, level-headed and self-confident personality;
  • Medium rings—you are familiar with the balance and harmony of your inner self;
  • Large rings—you are passionate and prone to taking hasty decisions.

Little finger

The little finger is the smallest finger on the hand and symbolizes the planet Mercury. A ring on this finger may bring luck to strong men who want to obtain fortune’s favour in business. Moreover, the wearing of a ring on the little finger promotes the improving of business relations and opening of one’s best qualities. People say that these rings assist with the understanding of their intimate partners.

Written by Julia Lopatiuk for Jewago