Welcome to The Jeweller’s Market

The Jeweller’s Market is an online sales platform that has been developed especially for jewellery suppliers to showcase their fine jewellery.

Our idea is to put together a wide selection of jewellery that is both authentic and wearable and to fill the big gap online for high quality and high value jewellery. There is a massive growth in online purchases for such jewellery and we want to help promote and sell it on our platform.

To achieve these aims, we will focus mostly on promoting jewellery made from gold (14kt+) and platinum, with or without gemstones and diamonds, but will also include a select few items in silver.

Authenticity is very important to us, at The Jeweller’s Market, so please note that we may ask to verify the material content of your jewellery, so that we can offer complete assurance to our clients. Hallmarks are, of course, very welcome but in case of doubt, both metals and gemstones will be re-examined.

There is no charge for listing pieces on the website and currently no monthly fee. We charge a selling commission of 12% for any pieces that sell on the platform (although we do offer special introductory rates from time to time). Your company will have your brand featured next to each of your pieces and while we would like purchases to complete on the website, there is nothing stopping clients from contacting you directly.

What are the top 3 reasons for being part of The Jeweller’s Market?

* Quick to get setup. If you don’t have your own website, you can be online and trading in minutes. If you do have your own website, TJM provides you with lots of free extra marketing.

* Marketplaces, like ours, that offer a larger range of jewellery, attract a bigger consumer audience than single brand websites do.

* We don’t charge monthly fees or listing fees, like most other marketplaces, so there’s no risk for you, only benefits. We celebrate and look after our suppliers, working in partnership to achieve the best results.

There will be opportunities for you to post to our news page and list any upcoming events and you will also be able to feature any special promotions you’re running.

Do get in touch with us to answer any other questions that you have about The Jeweller’s Market. And if you’re interested to sign up as one of our supply partners, please visit http://thejewellersmarket.com/seller-account/

You can also reach us today on +44 (0)7828 411 724 or email info@jewellersmarket.com.