Baron - Black with black diamonds

Baron - Black with black diamonds
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brand: Capra NV
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Baron - Black with black diamonds

Capra NV make cufflinks for fine watches, made with motor racing car and supercar technology and materials.


Sophistication and style combined with world class manufacturing techniques is the hallmark of the Baron cufflinks. Designed specifically for fine watches.

Due to the proximity of the cufflinks to the watch the cufflinks are made from solid non magnetic bio inert grade 5 titanium and coated with an amorphic carbon as used in motor racing and supercar engines. These materials and coatings cause no magnetic disruptive field that can effect the precise timing of the complex watch mechanism.

Brilliant cut precision diamonds from Switzerland are handset into the titanium body using specialist techniques.

The cufflinks are presented in a luxurious, individually designed case which is intricately made from solid high grade Aluminium.

British made. 

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1 Business Day £18.95
2 Business Days £14.95

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Overseas deliveries will be quoted via email and will not be charged until you authorise the quoted cost.


We offer a 14 day returns policy. Please see our terms and conditions for further details.


Capra NV creates luxury collections with a modern design which are especially created using super car and motor racing technology.

We combine elegant designs with world class manufacturing knowledge, techniques and craftsmanship. This is developed from a forty-year history of manufacturing engine components in Formula 1 and…

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